Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Antacids for Dogs

If your dog is experiencing gastric upsets, antacids can greatly aid in controlling excess acid. They can’t tell us with words when they’re nauseated, but if your dog is vomiting or anorexic, they’re likely nauseated. I was advised by our vet to give Sadie ¼ of a 10mg tablet of Pepcid daily (she was 10 lbs at the time). I also gave her 1/8 of a Tums tablet with each meal. There are other types of antacids that are okay for dogs and dosage depends on their weight, so check with your vet. Medical history will also factor in to what pill is appropriate (e.g., some antacids should not be taken by a dog with a heart problem). I would crush the pills, mix them with soft food, and administer them with a small syringe. Always check with your clinic before giving any meds, but as I’ve said in previous blogs, many times a vet will just assume you know what to do. I didn’t.